So good, it was BAD

We talk to our UX researcher, Lily Parsons, about how she’s settling into her new role at VISFO and the psychology behind user-based research.

Tik, tik, boom

With the potential to transform how we disseminate and consume science, TikTok isn’t just about dance trends.

The delivery of science: A study into the impact of scientific versus digital authors.

By Dr Simon Leigh To tweet or not to tweet; that is the question. With the pandemic accelerating the digital transformation process within pharma organisations, questions about how best to disseminate scientific content within our new world are of top priority. From Medical Affairs to Public Affairs to Commercial Teams, every business function is faced […]

Reflecting on the past 21 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

By Dr David Williams In June this year, I passed a milestone. No, not a wedding anniversary or a special birthday (although I should probably make a note of those). For me, June marked my 21st year in the pharmaceutical industry. For a lot of us ‘21’ means a party. A ‘key to the door’. […]

Is the face-to-face conference dead?

By Dr Simon Leigh, Head of Digital Insights & Innovation In the pre-pandemic era, conferences were a social gathering. An opportunity to network and listen to the latest science amongst peers, while enjoying time outside of the conference hall with colleagues and friends. But as we adapt to a post-COVID reality, what is the future? […]