There’s no way around it – to realise its true strategic value, medical affairs needs to go digital. But what does that even mean? And what exactly can digital transformation deliver?

We catch up with Anna, our Principal Medical Writer. She tells us about her journey into Medical Writing and her favourite parts of the role.

We chat with Dr Claire Tkacz about the future of patient care and the role of mHealth in contributing to a reduction in global disease burden.

We catch up with Natasha, our Customer Relationship Success Manager. She tells us how she got into the role and the qualities you need to be successful at VISFO.

We catch up with our UX researcher, Lily about the value of good design and everything her and the team learnt at the Tech Circus Business X Design Conference.

We chat with Matt Bridge, a Business Intelligence Consultant at VISFO. He tells us his favourite parts of the job and what he loves doing when he isn't at work!

We catch up with Adam, our head of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, about his time at VISFO, his journey into the role and his favourite part of the job!

How VISFO is reacting to the new normal, seeing opportunity to thrive and not just to survive.

We catch up with our Head of Digital Insights, Nathan Tickner, to learn about a (not so) typical day at VISFO.

We catch up with Leo, one of our Software Engineers, about his time at VISFO, his journey into coding and working in the healthcare space!

By Filsane Haji A few weeks ago, I attended the Digital Lupus Advocacy Summit hosted by the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA).

We talk to our Software Engineer, Zoe, about a typical day working at VISFO, how she got here and her favourite parts of the role!

Patients should be at the heart of charting patient pathways, but to achieve this we need to look to novel ways to engage with them.

We talk to our UX researcher, Lily Parsons, about how she’s settling into her new role at VISFO and the psychology behind user-based research.

Introducing the Enigma programme for students from widening participation backgrounds.

VISFO’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Williams, reflects on the need for patient centricity in the development of health technology.

With the potential to transform how we disseminate and consume science, TikTok isn’t just about dance trends.

By Dr Simon Leigh To tweet or not to tweet; that is the question. With the pandemic accelerating the digital transformation process

VISFO's way to effective co-creation and consultancy.

By Dr David Williams In June this year, I passed a milestone. No, not a wedding anniversary or a special birthday (although

By Dr Simon Leigh, Head of Digital Insights & Innovation In the pre-pandemic era, conferences were a social gathering. An opportunity to